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Pre-Op Post-Op Patient Guidelines: Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic

Pre-Op Post-Op Patient Guidelines: Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic

Pre-Op Post-Op Patient Guidelines: Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic

Pre-Op Post-Op Patient Guidelines: Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic

Pre-Op Post-Op Patient Guidelines: Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic

Pre-Op Post-Op Patient Guidelines: Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic



Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
Please let us know:

1. If you have a preexisting medical condition, it needs to be screened by the Medical Director. Please inform the scheduling intake person of your medications at the time you schedule your appointment.

2. Typically, if you take medication in the morning you can take your medication with a small sip of water. Please inform us of this at the time you schedule your appointment.

3. If you are a diabetic, your appointment should be as early as possible in the morning. You should check your first morning blood sugar and bring this record to the office along with your glucometer. You will most likely not be eating or drinking 8 hours prior to surgery so DO NOT take your insulin unless you have informed our Medical Director. Bring extra insulin to the clinic with you.

4. If you have asthma, please bring your inhaler with you.

5. Please notify us if you have a history of bleeding disorders, heart murmur, mytral valve prolapse, or other heart conditions at the time you schedule your appointment.

6. Notify staff if you pre-medicate prior the to surgery.

Important information concerning your visit with us:i

• Please be prepared to stay at the Center for at least 3 hours.
• Dress comfortably you may bring socks and a sweater.
• You must have a ride home from your appointment.
• Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before your appointment.
• Refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs, or non-prescription medications for 48 hours prior to your appointment.
• For reasons of privacy please refrain from using cell phones in waiting room or any other area that you are not alone.
• In consideration for our patients, emotional well being, please leave children home.

Now that you are ready to go home, we would like you to keep in mind a few important points for your health and safety. As each woman is an individual and each of you will react to the procedure in your own unique way. Let how you feel, be your guide in following these instructions.


1. You can resume normal light activities; work, school, housekeeping tomorrow. You will probably feel best avoiding strenuous activities for the next few weeks.

2. You may have some bleeding and cramps for the next two weeks, or you may have none at all both are normal.

3. You may also feel a little tired or "blue" for a few weeks. Try to remember you have undergone a difficult experience it's natural that you might feel a little less active than usual; also it will take a few weeks for the hormone in your body to return to normal.

4. Your next normal period will be in four to six weeks. You can get pregnant between now and then if you have sexual intercourse without using contraception.

You should return for your follow –up exam in the next two to three weeks depending on the physician’s instructions, the date and time for your follow-up appointment is written down for you on a form just like this one, it will also have all medications you will need attached to the form, and written instructions on how and when to take your medications after you leave the center. You can always call us if you have any questions we have a 24 hour answering service manned by our own nursing staff. Returning for this visit will insure your health and give you a chance to meet with one of our counselor to discuss contraception, birth control options, STD prevention and screening, or any other issues concerning women’s healthcare needs, you can talk to us, and no question is too small.

• Your follow up visit may be the perfect time to make an appointment with us for your annual pap smear examination.

• Physician and staff will be happy to give patients assistance in the choice of appropriate contractive methods.

• With physicians approval patients may be given a starter pack of birth control pills to try for one month along with instructions.

All discussions and treatments remain confidentially-bound under the sacred doctor patient relationship. If you cannot return and do not have a doctor, we can refer you to someone near your home.

No tampons (sanitary pads only)
No baths or douches (showers are great)
No swimming in ocean or pools
No sexual intercourse ( is your best protection against infection)

a) You are bleeding heavily, passing large clots, or changing your sanitary napkin one pad every hour.
b) Your temperature goes above 100.1*F for 2 hours or more.
c) Severe abdominal pain.

24-Hr Emergency Hotline;
DORAL (305) 591-2288,
KENDALL (305) 670-9797