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Womens Gynecologist gynecology abortion clinic

abortion first trimester  pregnancy contraception STD abortion counseling

abortion first trimester  pregnancy contraception STD abortion counseling

abortion first trimester  pregnancy contraception STD abortion counseling

abortion first trimester  pregnancy contraception STD abortion counseling

abortion first trimester  pregnancy contraception STD abortion counseling

Women’s abortion pregnancy termination services in Miami:

United States Supreme Court January 22, 1973:

“We recognize the right of the
individual, married or single, to be free
from unwarranted governmental affecting
a person as the decision whether to bear
or beget a child. That right necessarily
includes the right of a woman to decide
whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.”

  • Women’s abortion pregnancy termination services:
    *Early (10 days or less post conception) “Abortion Pill or Injection”
    *First Trimester
    *Second Trimester
    *Fetal Anomaly Indication

Other Services:

  • Free pregnancy testing confirmation by appointment Monday through Saturday:
    * Early blood pregnancy test
    * Ultrasound Exam to confirm your pregnancy

  • Free women’s health birth control and STD counseling:
    * Prevention measures
    * Treatment counseling

  • Free family planning counseling:
    * Adoption alternatives
    * Pregnancy termination options

Welcome to Eve Woman’s Medical Centers

Eve Women’s Medical, has established University Standards for all of its medical procedures. Therefore all physicians are Board Certified in their specialized fields of practice, the centers Medical Director is a Diplomat of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and certified in laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and advanced colposcopy.

We have the first state licensed issued in the State of Florida License Number 001. Since 1979, we have earned excellent reviews from nationally recognized regulatory and accreditation agencies like COLA, the premier clinical laboratory education, consultation and accreditation organization, and the Florida Agency for Health Care, the chief policy and planning entity for the State of Florida. During our last two inspections we received a perfect 100 score for patient care and quality assurance. Moreover the entire staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and OSHA Standards and protocols are strictly enforced.

Eve Women’s Medical, is committed to making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable so they are free to express their concerns, feelings, and fears. You can talk to us about anything regarding matters of women’s health and responsible sexuality. Individual needs will be addressed with Sensitivity, Compassion, and Confidentiality. Our counselors are available seven days a week, evening and weekends, call our 24 hour hotline.

We are experienced in handling all facets of your healthcare and we are comfortable in discussing it with you. No question is too small, too intimate. We give you straight answers and the kind of care you deserve and have grown to expect from us. We never forget why we are here; we are here to serve you. Naturally, discussions and treatments are confidential bound under the sacred doctor-patient relationship, "You can talk to us." Our offices are designed to please both your feminine side and the other side of you that demands cutting edge technology the latest techniques, and empathy staff that encourage you to take proactive role in making good decisions about your healthcare.

We are proud of what we do, how we do it, and of our record of excellence. Our reputation is earned one patient at a time. Every patient is important to us, the moment you enter our facility you will know that we are professionals. People you can trust caring for the people that you love.

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Reproductive Health Services: Low cost Birth Control, Family Planning, Contraception, Sterilization and Abortion: methods and options.


Birth Control, Contraception, Abortion Procedures, Family Planning Services,, Sterilization Procedures:
Tubal-Ligation, Implanon and Ensure
Understanding your Menstrual Cycle
Understanding pap smear results
Pregnancy: Carrying to Term Delivery, Adoption,
Termination of Pregnancy Options and Alternatives,
Preventing Sexual Transmitted Diseases (HIV, HPV, ETC.)
HPV Vaccine and why you should get the HPV Vaccine,
Women and Teens, Nutrition, Diet, and Weight Control.