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Some of our anti-aging treatments and specialties include:


Sleep Disorder Treatment

Sleep Disorder Treatment


Chronic Pain Treatment

Mesotherapy has been implemented in Europe for about 20 years. It is used in the treatment of pain and sports injuries, as well as in Aesthetic medicine for skin lifting, cellulite and body contouring.

We use very fine needles to inject subcutaneously or intradermally small amounts of vitamins, nutrients, vasodilators, pain controlling substances, etc. Most of the biochemical materials used are naturally found in the body and do not have any significant side effects.

Mesotherapy has been proven over the years to be a safer way to treat injury and pain without the significant side effects of more commonly used modalities.

We use a multifaceted approach to pain management.

Chronic pain is one of the most debilitating diseases of our century.  Physical injuries  combined with stressors of everyday living plus an already unbalanced body produce inflammatory chain reactions which overwhelm our bodies so that they become ensnared in a closed loop in which pain continues and sometimes increases even when the cause is no longer there. The nerves permeating the sites of pain or injury had become so sensitized that a simple touch will elicit dysfunctional disproportionate painful sensations.

In the past we have treated pain as a cause an effect on itself. In Integrative and Anti-aging Medicine we treat pain as symptom of several effectors happening at once, for example: injury plus hormonal imbalance plus nutritional deficiency plus physical deconditioning plus psychological stressors plus sleep disturbances plus illness, or a combination therefore. We will try to balance your body's regulators and nutrients as well as mind and use any modalities appropriate for your needs. You may be treated with mesotherapy or acupuncture or any other modality that may help you individually.