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Adrenal Fatigue is a new term used for an old recognized condition referred to as adrenal stress.

There are an amalgam of research clinical papers written on the subject of adrenal stress even in the 1940's. Clinicians found that supplementing people suffering from  fatigue, irritation, stress, insomnia, orthostatic mild hypotension, chronic pain etc, with adrenal extracts,they felt better and often were cured of symptoms. At the time a lot of the biochemistry involved where not studied. However, now that we know the different pathways of all the hormones in the body and their interactions, we can see how a disturbed production of cortisol affects other hormones and production of enzymes needed for certain chemical reactions.
Cortisol production is highest in the morning and fluctuates during the day.

As can be seen in the lower graph an unbalanced cortisol production does not have to be too low or too high(that is, more than one standard deviation from the norm) but disrupt the normal rhythm of production.

                                   cortisol anti-aging chart
Graph sample from Geneva diagnostics Inc.

An optimum cortisol secretion should be well within the blue zone. For people with symptoms and  one or two standard deviations from the optimum cortisol value at that particular time (White, pink zone)the cortisol levels should be optimized.

Each case of adrenal fatigue or stress has to be treated differently and adjusted accordingly. Some people with symptoms have low cortisol in the morning or higher at night or a combination thereof. In other words one treatment does not fit all. Following recommendations from a book or pamphlet without testing is not acceptable.

Symptoms of Cortisol Excess:

Sleep Disturbances
Bone Loss
Weight Gain around Waist
Loos of Muscle Mass
Thinning Skin
Elevated Triglycerides
Breast Cancer
Memory Lapses
Heart Palpitations
Sugar Cravings
Low Libido
Hair Loss
Increased Facial Hair
Increased Body Hair

Cortisol Deficiency Symptoms:

Sugar Cravings
Chemical Sensitivity
Apathy/Decreased Passion for Life
Heart Palpitations
Cold Body Temperature