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Trusted, Compassionate, Women’s Healthcare For Over Three Decades...


Eve Women’s Medical, is committed to making our patients feel relaxed and comfortable so they are free to express their concerns, feelings, and fears. You can talk to us about anything regarding matters of women’s health and responsible sexuality.

Individual needs will be addressed with Sensitivity, Compassion, and Confidentiality. All discussions, and treatments are confidentially- bound by the sacred doctor-patient relationship.

"You can talk to us" Our Medical Director, the nursing staff and the counselors are always happy to answer your questions in a very direct and easy manner, get answers to all of your questions.

At Eve Women’s Medical Centers you will find our staff caring and knowledgeable in all aspects of Women’s Healthcare Issues You can talk to us with confidence; and all discussions and your treatments will remain Confidential, and Privileged

Every patient is important to us, the moment you enter our facility you will know that we are professionals you can trust, people you can trust taking care of the people you love

Understanding your Menstrual Cycle,

Understanding Pap Smear Results,

Preventing Sexual Transmitted Diseases (HIV, HPV, STDs),

Women and Teens: Nutrition, Diet, Weight Control,

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Breast Exam demonstrations on how to perform self-exam

Question and answers, discussions on the importance of HPV Vaccine and why you should get the HPV Vaccine that prevents certain types of genital human papilloma virus (HPV) can cause most cases of cervical cancer and genital warts?


Counseling on Various Anti-Aging Treatments

Free Age Assessment Test

Wellness Programs for Women

Weight Loss, Fitness Workout Programs

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Osteoporosis Testing and Prevention
Pre and Post Menopause Assessment
Adrenal Fatigue, Symptoms, Treatments
Sexual Dysfunction
Mature-Skincare Treatments
Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Free Testing, Age Assessment
Sleep Disorders
Sexual Dysfunction

Educational Programs, Colleges, Schools, Private Groups

Discrete, Confidential, Serene and Supportive Atmosphere
Our counselors are available seven days a week
Special Appointments: evenings, and weekends
24 Hour Hotline (305) 591-2288 or (305) 670-9797