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We specialize in the use of safe and natural Bio-identical hormone therapies. Bio-identical hormones are clinically identical to the hormones that we produce naturally in our bodies, which mean that our bodies use them as if we had produced the hormones ourselves.

Most people are familiar with menopausal hormones replacement therapy and andropause (male) hormone replacement therapy, but there are many other hormones that regulate our bodies. In effect any hormone pathway may be affected if certain conditions are present, like stress, organic disease or any type of biochemical disturbance resulting in inadequate production of a hormone (down regulation) or increased production (up regulation).

Our goal is to safely supplement optimal quantities of bio-identical hormones for a more balanced, non-stressed younger you.

Remember that your body is unique and therefore so are its requirements. In our center, we will analyze hormonal levels at different times of day, month and season, depending on each individual, to find each unique body's requirements. Then we will start bio-identical natural hormones supplementation and/or nutritional support, if needed, in the optimal dosages for a safe and optimal balance to promote wellness and longevity.

You and we will work together to determine which delivery system is best for you (capsules, liquids, gels, etc.).

Some of our anti-aging treatments and specialties include: